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The school has a part to play in the Government's counter-terrorism strategy - called PREVENT. 
The Devon and Torbay Prevent Partnership consists of agencies working together to identify ways of preventing people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism. Terrorism can be motivated by a range of ideologies or other factors, including religious or political beliefs and racial prejudice. In Devon extreme right wing groups and single issue groups can pose a significant threat. 
You can make a difference by sharing any concerns you may have about individuals or groups you meet at work, socially or in any other context. Strong evidence shows that an intervention can stop someone supporting violent terrorism. We all have a role in ensuring that our communities remain safe. 
More information can be found on the following websites; 
If you see or suspect something, you can report it by phoning the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 or email  
Pudsey Bear 
This year the children have raised £177 for Children in Need. They wore spots for the day and put loose change on a drawing of Pudsey. 
Read how Queensway Catholic Primary School meets its obligations to  
Torbay Civic Award Celebration evening 
Pupil Exclusions 
You will find, in the Parent Forms section of the website, a list of 
the national reasons for pupil exclusions. The school will be making use of this list as part of our school behaviour policy. Do have a look at the list.